10 Best Ways To Find Your Purpose of Life: A Journey to Meaningful life

Most of the people among who I’m acquainted with have a sense of purpose of life. Whether joining an occupation they like, starting their own business, diving into art, or contributing to civilization in their own way, they’ve found ways to merger in the world in a way that pervades their lives with purpose.

Identifying your purpose can help find satisfaction in the future which you may haven’t felt before. Research suggests that having purpose is connected to having better health, long life and monetary success. Everyone wants to put their time and efforts in the things that matters them. It feels great when you know the purpose of your activities. But how do you find your purpose if it’s not palpable to you? Are you going to wait for it to make its appearance like how the pimples appear on your face without knowing you over time.

This article will provide you a detailed guide on how to find your purpose of life if you feel like lacking purpose.

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

The purpose of life is subjective topic that depends on the individual’s beliefs and perspectives. In religious perspective, they say worshipping God and devoting oneself in divine is the purpose of life. The philosophers say seeking happiness and fulfilment is the purpose of life. Some says contributing to society is the purpose of life. Ultimately, the purpose of your life depends on your beliefs and values.

Why Is Finding Purpose Of Life Is Important?

Having purpose in your life comes with lots of benefits. Here are some valuable rewards of finding purpose of your life:

  • Have a sense of direction
  • Self-confidence will upsurge
  • Possess great personal relationships
  • Have a sense of belonging
  • Improves focus Improves over-all well being
  • Achieve greater success
  • Higher income
  • Get happiness and fulfilment

According to the researchers, having a purpose in your life will bestow you with healthy and long life. It will help in utilizing your time on the correct activities.

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Best Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life

The detailed guide on how to find your purpose of life are below:

Identify And Pursue Your Passions

Identify the activities that you prioritize and enjoy usually. When you determine what brings you joy, you’ll find your purpose in them. If you don’t have anything to enjoy, start exploring and experiment everything which might find it to your liking. Think about the things you are prominent at. Think about the conversations you like holding with your closed one’s.

Engage In Deep Self-reflection

Take time to engage in deep self-reflection to know what you truly need and want in your life. Know yourself better. Whether you like adventures, calm environment, or technologies. Based on your interests, you can narrow down your search for purpose in your life.

Understand And Align Your Life With Your Core Values

Understanding your core values is vital to lead a happy and purposeful life. While engaging in any activity, question yourself whether you feel right or wrong this. Does it make you question your morals? Aligning your values with your choices will help in finding purpose of your life.

Recognize And Utilize Your Strengths

Some have talent in art while some have talent in talking. Recognize your skill and work accordingly. Finding and putting them in use requires time and opportunities. Exploring things might help you in making a choice.

Set Meaningful Goals And Take Decisive Action

After finding and listing your core values and strengths, start thinking about meaningful goal that align with your core values. If you possess talent for art, set time some time for practicing art and upon reaching a excellence in it, pursue a career in arts. If you like sharing on social media, create a channel in YouTube, Instagram, or something else.

Seek Inspiration From Various Sources

Finding your purpose in life might be quite difficult on your own. If you feel like you can’t cope it on your own, seek inspiration from others. Find inspiration from others by sharing your thoughts and likes. Talk about yourself in social media like Reddit, Medium, or Quora, you may find people sharing their views on this.

Serve Others And Make A Positive Impact

Serving others will put in contact with others who may share thoughts and passion. It’s easier with two heads than one head. You will find their perspective, which is good in finding motivation. It will also increase your network, meaning you’ll be presented with more opportunities. At least volunteering will earn you a positive impact on your image.

Remain Open To Change And New Experiences

To find your purpose, you need to engage in diverse life and experiences. Research showed that the passion is discovered by active engagement in various experiments. One can find their purpose when they find ways to connect their interests to the world. Come out of your comfort zone and be ready to explore new things.

Practice Regular Gratitude And Reflection

Finding purpose means developing positive emotions. This includes gratitude. When you are grateful to things you have, you’ll care for those things and worry about their well-being whether it may be people or things. Gratitude can be practiced by writing your feelings in a diary or expressing to someone who helped you through letters. This will give you motivation to carry out your meaningful goals.

Stay Persistent And Patient In Your Journey

Finding purpose of your life is never a easy task. It requires your time and efforts. Remember a saying “the fruit of hard work is always sweet”. Stay persistent and curious about the world. It will help you in uncovering the things you may never expected.


The purpose of life depends on an individual’s beliefs and values. Finding the purpose will offer you a sense of direction, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life.

To find purpose, engaging in self-reflection, exploring new activities, and staying persistent are necessary factors.

Frequently  Asked Questions

How To Find My Purpose In Life?

Exploring your passions and self-reflection are important factors in finding purpose of your life. Only when you know understand yourself can you find purpose of your life based on your values.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Your Purpose In Life?

It is hard due to personal insecurities and expectations from your family, or you tie you down for different.

What Is The Main Purpose Of My Life?

The main purpose of your life depends on personal development, self-fulfillment, and contribution to society well-being.

How To Identify What You Want In Life?

To identify what you want in your life, you need to explore your passions and reflect on your needs and wants.

Why Do You Need A Sense Of Purpose?

It will provide you a sense of direction, motivation and fulfillment in your life.

How To Know When You’ve Found Your Purpose?

When you feel satisfied deep inside in yourself and a sense of fulfillment, then you can declare that you found purpose in your life.

What Is The Difference Between A Goal And A Purpose?

Having a goal means you have a target to reach in your life while the purpose means connecting your reasons with your actions and choices.

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