How To Improve Reading Habit

How to Improve Reading Habits: 10 Tips for Effective Reading

Reading is not a habit that everybody has or likes to have. “It’s too boring” is the most common opinion in the society. Not like there is no one who likes reading; some people will lose themselves in the world of reading. Some are not able to find out how to improve reading habits

Reading can never be a bad thing. If any, it only gives more knowledge regardless of the genre. If reading is what you want to have as a habit, then continue with this article how to improve reading habit to find out how.

How To Make A Habit Of Reading?

If you want to change your lifestyle, reading can be a wonderful thing to add to your routine. To make reading a habit, start by allotting your time to it in your routine. Start with manageable time, like 10-20 minutes, and then progressively raise the time day by day by small margins. Keep your reading material interesting to maintain your motivation to make reading a habit.

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Benefits Of Daily Reading Regularly

Understanding the benefits of daily reading can make a significant difference. It helps us make decisions about whether to engage in it or not. This is not only applicable to children but also to different age groups. Here are some advantages to daily reading:

  1. Expands knowledge

    Reading can broaden your knowledge about the world, change your perspective, and provide fresh concepts.

  2. Improves vocabulary

    Reading introduces you to new words that are different from your regular choice of words. It has a chance to make your vocabulary top-notch.

  3. Stimulates brain

    Reading activates your brain and helps in improving memory power. Reading helps you operate your brain effectively as you reach old age.

  4. Improves Emotional Quotient (EQ)

    Research suggests that reading can help us think from the perspective of others that is somewhat different from ours, thus boosting our emotional quotient.

  5. Mental health

    Reading can reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, and encourage calmness. It decreases the chance of catching Alzheimer’s.

  6. Improves analyzing skills

    Reading can increase your level of imagination. It strengthens your ability to think of alternative paths.

10 Tips For Developing A Reading Habit For Lifetime

By following these 10 tips consistently and dedicating a little of your time every day, you can make reading a habit for a lifetime:

  1. Practice Reading Every Day 

    Reading can broaden your knowledge about the world, change your perspective, and provide fresh concepts.

  2.  Find A Good Library

    When you don’t want to buy books, going to library solves your problem. Write the list of titles of the book you like to read and find those books in the library. Sometimes, browsing through the library can help you find new and interesting books.

  3. Read What You More Interest

    Read the books which interests you more. It might be fictional such as fantasy, romance, comedy, adventure, or mystery and non-fictional such as autobiography/biography, history, health, etc., Don’t force yourself to read books related to general knowledge, academic if you are not interested. Find those books which piques your interest. You can ask your friends or you can post in social media to recommend you the books in the same genre. This will keep you motivated to read regularly.

  4.  Separate Yourself From Your Mobile

    Mobile can really be off-putting when you want to do something seriously. For example: You were reading a book, then your mobile be like “look at me, touch me, you got a notification”! so try stay away from your mobile while reading. If not, just put the mobile on silent mode.

  5.  Try Different Formats Like E-books And Audiobooks

    You can prefer to other formats like E-book and audiobook if you ever feel like boring while reading through physical materials. Audiobooks can be helpful in multitasking if you have any other work that requires hands or eyes. If you forgot to bring your book, then E-books are always available in your phone or tablet.

  6.  Stop Reading Books That Don’t Inspire You

    There are sometimes where you want to complete a book but no interest to move forward. Then tell yourself that “It is okay to quit a book halfway if it doesn’t inspire you. It’s okay to stop reading a particular book if you ever find it boring”. You’ll lose your motivation to read if you’re hung up on that uninteresting book. Then you can’t start an another book.

  7.  Be Patient With Yourself

    You can take your time to read and understand thoroughly. Know that no one is going to beat you if you’re ever slow. You bought that book because you that book interests you so it’s okay to read slowly. Be patient while reading. Understanding a book is better than finish reading it. Who knows someone might ask you to explain what you understood about that book. Be safe than sorry.

  8.  Join A Book Club

    There are many book clubs available for you. Joining a book club can be very advantageous;

    • You can discover new books.
    • You can improve your social interaction.
    • You can improve your motivation to read.
    • You can expand your understanding level
  9. Take notes

    Note down the important points, quotes, or your thoughts can improve your comprehension skills.

  10. Switch up the books

    Don’t limit your reading to one type of books. Try different genres and authors. Mix up your reading material can

    • Prevent you from being bored.
    • Challenge your brain. For example, reading fiction stimulates your imagination, while non-fiction improves your critical thinking.
    • Enhance your creativity


Reading should not taken as a task. Reading is an enjoyable thing if you keep your mind on it. Read what you like and when you want.

Comment your reading experiences if feel share worth or anything you feel missing.

Book Recommendations

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a great fictional book. The book explores theme of empathy, and the complex nature of humans.
  2. “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talkingby Susan Cain is a non-fictional book. It is about strengths and contributions of introverts, societal misconceptions.
  3. “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn is a psychological thriller.

Frequently Asked Questiuons

  1. How Can I Make Reading A Lifelong Habit?

    Prioritizing reading in your routine, choosing books you enjoy and joining a book club can be helpful.

  2. How To Be A Good Reader? 

    To be a good reader, focus on comprehension and explore different genres and authors.

  3. How To Read Correctly?

    Understanding and actively engaging in the material are involved in correct reading.

  4. Is It Better To Read Multiple Books At Once Or One At A Time?

    It depends on preference of the readers. Some people enjoy mixing up their reading material but some people prefer to focus on one book at a time.


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